Prices are approximate and can vary according to the season. To check the exact price for your stay, enter the dates of your stay in the booking interface – click here.

Shared Dorm max. 8 people
Dormitorio compartido 8 personas
Quarto coletivo 8 camas
USD 17

Shared Dorm max. 6 people with balcony
Dormitorio compartido 6 personas
Quarto coletivo 6 camas
USD 18

Single with shared bathroom (1 pers.)
Single baño compartido.
Quarto single banheiro compartilhado
USD 30

Double room with balcony and private br (2. pers.)
Doble baño privado
Quarto duplo com banheiro
USD 55

Cabaña with private bathroom (2. pers.)
Cabaña baño priv.
Cabaña com banheiro
USD 55